Please enter the leads in the box below from your Happy Agent Leads order that need to be replaced. Please note that we will only replace leads that fit our Replacement Policy.

Replacement Policy:

We will review all requests and replace any lead that fits our policy

  • Outside of the age range (usually over 80 or 85)

  • Statewide: Leads out of target State(s)

  • ​​Statewide: leads that have a disconnected/incomplete number

  • ​Local orders: Over 50 Miles from your local target location

  • Local leads that have BOTH a disconnected/incomplete number AND incomplete address/ PO BOX (We do not replace 'wrong' numbers)

  • Statewide and Local: ​​Duplicate Leads Sent by US only. A duplicate lead is a previous lead you received from a different order as well as a current lead who has duplicate submissions. They will only count as ONE lead.